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In order to get Phereoshop PRO you need to buy a license key below on this page. After the purchase you will get your license key by e-mail. Enter your license key in Registration box in your copy of Phereoshop to unlock PRO version.

Upgrade now for $49.99 per license




How to use a promo-code

  • Press the «Upgrade» button. You will then be redirected to checkout page
  • At the checkout page choose the «Review Cart» section
  • Type the code in the «Coupon Code» field of the «Review Cart» section
  • Proceed with the checkout, you will shop with the discounted price


  • Payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, check (drawn in US funds), money order or direct wire transfer are accepted.
  • All orders are processed by our partner 2Checkout.com, Inc

Ordering and Shipping Details

  • License is perpetual;
  • License includes free upgrades to all Phereoshop versions 2.x
  • Electronic delivery (licenses will be sent to you by e-mail within one business day after the order is confirmed);

Refer to the End-User License Agreement for detailed license terms.

Please email to support@phereo.com for other purchase related questions.

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